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Find Calm Here LLC

Find Calm Here LLC


Find Calm Here LLC

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Deb  Schell Deb Schell
(717) 644-8712
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Find Calm Here discovering a community strategy that connects members, drives engagement, and creates collaborations through transformations. Our Mission is to bring calm to 1,000 female community leaders to build, launch, and grow online paid communities in 2022.

The future of the community industry will be creators and entrepreneurs who lead online communities with clarity, awareness, learning, and motion to make an impact globally and locally.

We believe that Social Media needs a shift away from the current technology designed to distract and disrupt us.

So that we can find deeper online social connections within purpose-driven, private paid online communities led by leaders who bring together like-minded members for transformation to better their life, career, relationships, and wellbeing.

A common misconception about online communities is that a creator, entrepreneur, or business owner needs to have a large (thousands of followers) social media presence and a massive number

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